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Launching of Mecedes assembly on GAZ factories will create 1.7 thousand working places

This Monday saw a ceremonial launch of production of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Until the end of 2013, the factory plans to assemble 5 thousand of these cars. The amount of investments into organization of car assembly made up at least 190 million Euro.

Russia prepares the process of lowering tariffs for chemical products for the WTO

”As a part of activity of the Russian Association of Fertilizers Producers, we are preparing necessary circulations. The first testing step will be removing tariffs for ammonium nitrate. We hope that in the near future this process will be launched,” - said the general director of “Fosagro” Maxim Volkov.

“Hevel” is going to develop solar energy in southern regions of Russia

The first big project of the company was finished in the Altai Republic, where the first Russian hybrid diesel and solar power plant with the power capacity being 100 kW (peak power of 140 kW) was opened in the remote village of Ayliu in the Altai Reservation. In the same place, a new agreement was signed about construction of another plant of this type in a remote village of Yazula of the Ulagansky District which is getting finished until the end of the year. The company’s representative told RIA Novosti about which other regions the company is going to develop alternative energy in.

Russia has become a leader in subsidizing of cheap fuels

Russia has taken the third place in the world in subsidizing of low prices for fuels. This is what the newspaper “Vedomosti” reports in its issue from April 26 with a reference to the report by the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development which conducted a corresponding research. The document is not published on the organization's website.

”Gazprom” will buy a state company from Kamchatka by installment for 23 years

The board of directors of “Gazprom” approved a purchase of 92.25% of “Kamchatgazpom” from “Rosneftegaz” (belongs to the state) for 2.85 billion rubles. It's reported in the press-release of the monopoly.

Moscow has become one of the top three cities with biggest budgets

The Russian capital in all budget indexes of 2012 was only behind New-York and Shanghai. This is reported on the portal “Open budget of Moscow”.

Uzbekistan has paid off its debts to Russian flight companies

Uzbekistan has paid off its debts to Russian flight companies for 29 million dollars. It is reported by the newspaper “Novy Vek” with a reference to an unknown source in the Central bank of the republic and the first vice general director of the flight company “Uzbekiston havo yollari” Egambergen Palvanov.

Serial production of “Yo-Mobil” cars will begin in the second half of 2014
<p>Serial production of “Yo-Mobil” with hybrid engines will begin in the second half of 2014, reported the head of the group “Oneksim” Mihail Prohorov to journalists. According to him, the project of “Yo-Mobil” is not that simple. </p>
The biggest budget flight company of Eastern Europe wants to be in Russia

The budget flight company Wizz Air, the biggest one in Eastern Europe, has decided to establish a subsidiary in Russia, as reported by the newspaper “RBK Daily” with a reference to the company presentation. The document is directed to head offices of airports which the flight company wants to agree on basing in.

Georgian honey will be the first product to return to Russia

The first Georgian product to return to the Russian market after removing the ban removal will be honey, says “Georgia Online”. As the head of the National Agency for Production of Georgia Zurab Chekurishvili stated, supplies will begin right after holidays of the May.

The Sberbank will open an office in Baikonur

The Sberbank is planning to open an office in the spaceport area by the end of 2013 – the beginning of 2014. It was stated by the vice president of the biggest Russian credit organization Vladimir Yashin, as reported by RIA Novosti.

The government approved the estimate of Russia's development until 2013

The government approved the estimate of Russia's development until 2013, which was prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development. As reported by the RIA Novosti, the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev made a statement about it.

Russians will buy a share in the Greek tobacco company

”Donskoy Tabak”, one of the biggest Russian tobacco companies, will buy 34.18% of shares from the union of Greek tobacco producers (SEKE). It is reported by the local issue of The amount of the deal is not stated. According to Greek medias, the deal is already approved by the board of directors of the union.

”Rosneft” signed an agreement with ExxonMobil about co-operation in the Mexican Gulf

”Rosneft” signed an agreement with ExxonMobil about cooperative geologic explorations in the Mexican Gulf. As RIA Novosti stated on Thursday night of 7th March, it was reported by the president of the Russian company Igor Sechin.

Russian retailers opened a record number of stores

130 biggest Russian foodstuffs retailers had opened 4059 new stores of all formats in 2012, that exceeded the results of the pre-crisis year 2008 and has become a new record. The newspaper Vedomostri from February 28 writes about it with a reference to the data by Infoline, which receives its information from retailers themselves.

Timchenko and Rotenberg are the biggest road builders in Moscow

Four biggest companies received two thirds of all orders for road construction in Moscow in 2011-2012, as reported in Vedomostri for February 25 with a reference to its own calculations. Among the leaders of road building in the capital are ARKS of the Guvnor co-owner Gennadiy Timchenko, “Mostotrest” of Arcady Rotenberg, and also NPO “Kosmos' and “Ingeokom”.

First time ever: Russian billionaire joins Gates – Buffett charity programme
Vladimir Potanin of Interros holding has joined Gates- Buffett’s The Giving Pledge charity programme, states the foundation’s official press release. In the foundation’s context, men of substance are obliged to dedicate the majority of their wealth to philanthropy.
G8 Summit to be held in Sochi

G8 2014 summit will be held in S0chi – this was the President Putin’s final resolution, published on the official Kremlin page. Earlier, this event was reported to be taking place at Skolkovo innovated city, in Podmoskovye.

Russian Post to sell Italian shoes

A new online resource for selling fashion items along with shoes and car accessories will be launched by Russian Post and Poste Italiane, its Italian analogue, reports the Kommersant, citing Marina Goncharova, the Russian Post’s head executive.

Russia outruns Germany in the budget transparency rating

Russia has risen in the ranking of transparent budgets from 21 to tenth place in 2012, as states the IBP release.

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Company news

Summing up of the business mission of the Italian company Cioccolateria Beppiani to Moscow
The meetings between the Italian manufacturer of chocolate products Cioccolateria Beppiani and top-management of interested Russian companies were held on 28 October. During the negotiations a possible partnership was discussed.

On October 23 the Russian-Polish business lunch was held at InterCHARM 2015
On 23 October 2015 the Trade and Investment Promotion section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Russian Federation initiated bilateral meetings of Russian and Polish companies in business lunch format.

Summing up of the business mission of the Italian company StudioTre Contract to Russia
The meetings between the Italian company StudioTre Contract and top-management of interested Russian companies were held from 15 to 19 October. During the negotiations a possible partnership was discussed.

News from Russia

The American cookie king developing a monopoly in Moscow’s cafes
American entrepreneur Karl Swanson is defying the economic downturn and food sanctions over Russia’s involvement in the Ukrainian conflict by rapidly growing his cookie business in conjunction with Moscow’s leading coffee shops.

Ford to assemble trucks in Russia
The Avtotor plant in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad is about to begin assembling Ford trucks. The vehicles will be adapted specifically for the Russian market and comply with European safety standards.

Virgin Atlantic considers expanding to Moscow - Branson
Virgin Atlantic wants to take over the London-Moscow route from EasyJet, according to founder Richard Branson in an interview with the Sputnik news agency.

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