We introduce to you our portal for promotion of the foreign business in the Russian territory created by the International Marketing Center “Expert Management” (IMC “Expert Management”).

Russia is nowadays transforming into one of the most attractive markets demonstrating growth of GDP in 2010 by 3% or more. As compared to China and India Russian GDP per capita is 5-7 times higher than and sales of foreign companies per capita are by almost 15 times more.

We offer business opportunities to our Clients in the large consumer market in the rapidly developing country located on two continents and possessing rich natural resources and cheap manpower.

IMC “Expert Management” is specializing in a wide range of marketing services associated with promotion and support of foreign business in Russia:

  • Selection of commercial and production partners
  • Arrangement of business missions of foreign companies to Russia
  • Arrangement of business missions of Russian importers to foreign manufacturers
  • Creation of sales networks in Russia
  • Promotion of goods to the regional markets of Russia
  • Representative offices in the regions
  • Market research
  • Individual complex projects for launch in the Russian market

38 specialists in the sphere of business consulting and marketing are providing our services full-time and 25 specialists are working part-time engaged for solving tasks of current projects. The company possesses own design studio and call-center for 14 workplaces.

The partner network in 63 regions of Russia ensures provision of services outside Moscow.

Quality Management System of the Company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008

IMC “Expert Management” offers cooperation in business promotion and development in Russia. Our Clients are commercial and economic departments of embassies, sectoral and territorial associations of manufacturers, chambers of commerce and industry, marketing companies, small business supporting structures, and manufacturers themselves.

For many years we have been acquiring extensive experience to apply it into a set of tools and solutions for implementation of projects at any level of complexity in all regions of Russia.

The objective of the Company is successful promotion of our Clients in Russia. We are not politicians; we just help others do their business.

Company news

Summing up of the business mission of the Italian company Cioccolateria Beppiani to Moscow
The meetings between the Italian manufacturer of chocolate products Cioccolateria Beppiani and top-management of interested Russian companies were held on 28 October. During the negotiations a possible partnership was discussed.

On October 23 the Russian-Polish business lunch was held at InterCHARM 2015
On 23 October 2015 the Trade and Investment Promotion section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Russian Federation initiated bilateral meetings of Russian and Polish companies in business lunch format.

Summing up of the business mission of the Italian company StudioTre Contract to Russia
The meetings between the Italian company StudioTre Contract and top-management of interested Russian companies were held from 15 to 19 October. During the negotiations a possible partnership was discussed.

News from Russia

The American cookie king developing a monopoly in Moscow’s cafes
American entrepreneur Karl Swanson is defying the economic downturn and food sanctions over Russia’s involvement in the Ukrainian conflict by rapidly growing his cookie business in conjunction with Moscow’s leading coffee shops.

Ford to assemble trucks in Russia
The Avtotor plant in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad is about to begin assembling Ford trucks. The vehicles will be adapted specifically for the Russian market and comply with European safety standards.

Virgin Atlantic considers expanding to Moscow - Branson
Virgin Atlantic wants to take over the London-Moscow route from EasyJet, according to founder Richard Branson in an interview with the Sputnik news agency.

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