B2B: Presentation Marketing

Search and Selection of Potential Partners represents the complex of different technologies oriented towards the companies entering the Russian market for the first time. The service is oriented both towards separate companies and group of companies, associations, chambers of commerce and industry, small business supporting structures and the like.

Stage 1
“Search and Selection of Potential Partners” service gives:

From the very beginning we determine together with the Customer what specialization should have the companies which are interesting for it as partners, i.e. who we should look for. In 80% of cases they are trade companies, importers and distributors. The second question – in what regions the Customer wants to so its business. Normally we recommend starting from Moscow, but for this or that reason our activities can carried out in other RF regions.

Stage 2
Data Base

For each participant of the business mission we create a data base of these companies. We usually use the widest selection of sources: municipal directories, Internet search, advertising publications and own data bases compiled for many years during realization of similar projects.

All data in the created data bases are continuously updated. As a rule there are about 200-500 entries.

Stage 3

Telephone contacts are made by all entries in the data base. Tasks of the call:

  • Obtaining additional information about the prospective partner
  • Determining the person making decision on cooperation: company director, head of purchasing department, merchandise specialist, purchasing manager and the like.
  • Informing about the Customer
  • Sending additional information by fax or email
  • Awaking initial interest in negotiations on cooperation.

Our main task is not only call to all contacts but also interest these companies in cooperation with our Customer. That’s why interaction with them does not end with one call, we make telephone calls 4-7 times with each company, we ask whether they have studied the materials sent, whether everything is clear, whether they have any questions to our Customer or whether they need any additional materials, and the what is most important whether they are ready to meet with our specialist, to examine printed catalogs, samples and discuss conditions of cooperation.

Stage 4
Presentation Meetings

About 15 companies the most promising for cooperation are selected among those companies which showed initial interest. The highly qualified specialists of IMC “Expert Management” hold presentation meetings during which they demonstrate catalogues, price lists, photos or samples of the Customer’s products, they also discuss possible variants of cooperation, our specialist finds out to what extent the product is interesting and presentation materials are successful, whether prices are suitable for them, whether they are ready for cooperation, and if not why, if yes under what conditions: partial advance payment or, vise versa, deferred payment. Only real visit to office premises allows our specialist to see atmosphere in the office and sales area and evaluate seriousness of the company.

Stage 5

The updated data base, results of telephone conversations and personal presentation meetings are shown in the report and are handed over to the Customer.

Spheres of Application

The method of “Presentation Marketing” is suitable for those companies who do not plan any business visits to Russia, but want to know whether the products they manufacture could be on demand on the market, and proceeding from this information they want to outline cooperation with Russian companies.

In most cases the method of “Presentation marketing” is the basis for establishing business contacts for business missions to Russia.

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