Market research: Technology guide

Before making a decision to enter a new market, especially in case of a foreign country market, it’s important to evaluate its risks, potential and opportunities for your business.

Market research of IMC “Expert Management” is based on experience of hundred market researches in such segments as FMCG, automotive industry, banking and insurance, pharmaceutics and medicine, retail sales, mass media, industrial equipment, construction materials and many others.

The diversified tools developed by our company help us to solve both ordinary and extraordinary tasks necessary for making adequate strategic decisions:

  • appraising market potential and real capacity
  • outlining trends and market development prospects
  • analyzing competitive goods
  • evaluating the customer attitude towards the specific product/service
  • finding the best package and optimal price for the product
  • evaluating efficiency of advertising campaigns and other promotion channels
  • evaluating the product availability in retail chains and many others
Research Methods

Data are collected according to the modern technological practices with use of classical methods and original solutions which are oriented towards Russian business:

  • Qualitative research: focus groups, depth interviews, expert focus groups and interviews
  • Quantitative research: personal interview (interview at places of residence, interview at workplaces, interviews on streets and shopping centers), telephone interviews, postal inquiries, Retail audit, Store checking
  • MiX-methods: Hall-tests, Home-tests, Mystery shopping (purchase simulation), watching
  • Desk studies
Most Popular (Typical) Research

We offer 3 standard packages for marketing research at different levels of complexity and content for our Clients.

Unlike Internet Portals specializing in paid researches, we offer “turnkey” research which is characterized by:

  • Actual and verified information.
  • Product-oriented (for example, if you produce gear oil pumps, we will make research in the specific field rather than on the pump market as a whole).
  • Reliability of data is guaranteed by us rather than by unknown researchers.



  • General information on the core market conditions in Russia
  • Description of the main development trends
  • Main distribution channels
  • Analysis of the volume of imports of specific goods into Russia according to the agreed on FEACN codes
  • Description of the main competitors
  • List of the main field-specific exhibitions which will be organized during the year

Volume: 35 – 40 pages

Price: in Russian – EUR 2700-3000, in a foreign language – EUR 3300-3500.

“Standard Research” offers more profound studying of the core market.


  • General information on the core market conditions in Russia (market capacity, development trends and so on).
  • Description of consumer preferences
  • Analysis of the volume of imports of specific goods into Russia
  • Analysis of the main foreign suppliers (countries) of the specific products
  • Description of the main brands shown in the Russian market
  • Analysis of the main distribution channels for the specific products
  • List of the major Russian manufacturers of the specific products
  • Main barriers to enter the Russian market
  • List of certificates necessary for foreign manufacturers to operate in the Russian market
  • List of the main field-specific exhibitions which will be organized during the year

Volume: 55 – 70 pages

Price: in Russian – EUR 3500-6000, in a foreign language – EUR 4400-7200.

The basis for works is formed by desk studies and expert interviews by phone with the core market players.

“Expanded Research” includes all sections of the standard analysis and additional tools enabling the Customer to get a full picture of the market under research.


  • All sections of the standard research
  • Evaluation of prospects for selling the Customer products in the Russian core market
  • Personal expert interviews with market players
  • Analysis of competitors’ products by retail-audit and mystery-shopping

Volume: 70 – 100 pages

Price: in Russian – EUR 7500-9000, in a foreign language – EUR 8500-10000.

Our Potential

Data collected during research are analyzed with the license software for statistical data processing (DA-System, SPSS, SAS and others). These products enable the company to make statistical testing and analysis, and visualize data.

IMC “Expert Management” acts according to the international quality management standard ISO 9001. The wide range of technical means, professional team of researchers and observance of the International Code of Social and Market Research enable our company to keep up with the times and realize projects at any level of complexity.

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