Our service ”Networking Sales” is provided for representatives of foreign companies and actively developing industrial and trade companies with their plans for quick expansion of the sales geography and brand awareness. The service offers opportunities for a period of 2-4 weeks to contact with persons making decisions on purchases in most field-specific companies throughout Russia and to give such contacts to your Sales Department. The service saves time of the highly qualified sales manager for primary processing of data bases, “cool calls” and preliminary negotiations with potential clients.

As a result you will get the wide client base in the regions of Russia and you will have to only negotiate the terms and conditions of your cooperation and sell your products or services.

“Networking Sales” service advantages for the Client:
  • Updated client base throughout Russia or in any regions thereof.
  • Improvement of the brand awareness in the professional sphere and introducing your offer to 100 to 1000 persons responsible for purchases.
  • Impulse to the sales department in developing companies open for cooperation through questionnaires (request).
The Project Scope includes:
  • Compiling and updating the data base in all core trade companies in all interesting regions including Moscow, 200 to 600 records in average.
  • Contacting a company by phone, finding a person making decision on purchases and oral introduction of the Client offer.
  • Sending the information based on the phone call results by fax or email.
  • Repeated calls, consultations on the information forwarded, sending additional materials.
  • Obtaining a questionnaire (request) for preparation of the quotation from the client manager of the Customer’s Company, 70 to 200 forms in average.

Our main task is not only ringing-out all contacts but also interesting these companies in cooperation with our Customer. That’s why interaction does not end with one call, we call 3-5 times to each company, and investigate whether they have studied the materials sent, whether everything is clear or whether they have any questions to our Customer or whether they need any additional materials, and what is the most important whether they are ready for cooperation and discussion of specific conditions of work with the sales manager of our Customer.

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The Final Report includes:
  • Updated data base of Moscow and regional core companies which were informed about the Customer.
  • Questionnaires with information about Russian companies obtained from them as an evidence of interest in cooperation with the Customer and requests for specified quotations.

The Project implementation is based on continuous interaction with the Customer.

The Clients found are communicated to you stage-by-stage, twice per week, and at the end of the project. The progress of project is recorded in a separate table (See the example schedule for transferring the results)

This gives an opportunity to your sales managers to contact with promising clients without delay and pass to negotiations of sales.

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