Networking Sales: Technology
What information do we need from you to implement the Project?:
  • Geography of activities for the Project, i.e. regions in which you wish to find the clients and the average number. As a rule, the works are more efficient in undeveloped regions.
  • List of specific features of companies which could be you core trade partners.
  • Information materials in electronic version: description of goods, catalogs.
Stage 1
Data Base compilation

Formation of databases of Moscow and regional trading companies that meet the criterion of the Customer.

Stage 2
Telemarketing – first calls

Telephone calls to all companies which are included in the compiled base during which we shall:

  • Determine whether the company meets the selection criteria.
  • Obtain additional data about the company.
  • Find the person making decision on cooperation (chief officer, head of purchasing department, merchandise specialist, purchasing manager and so on) and get in contact with this person.
  • Inform the person making decision on cooperation about the Customer activities, goods manufactured and its decision to start cooperation.
  • Send the information about the Customer by fax or email, record the date of sending, the addressee and contact person (who received the information).
Stage 3
Telemarketing – repeated calls

Telephone calls to the Russian companies which are interested in the Customer after the first contact, during which we shall:

  • Repeatedly contact with the person making decision on cooperation, obtain confirmation of his/her interest in the offer of our Customer and in case of demand we send additional data about the Customer and goods being offered.
  • Collect the questionnaire filled in from the regional company as an evidence of possible cooperation with the Customer and its request for specific quotation.

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