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Leaders of the Russian Federation and Italy have discussed the Ukrainian crisis

"Italy is one of the most important partners of Russia in European matters and deciding issues," – Vladimir Putin said; also he called the meeting with Matteo Renzi very useful and timely, taking into account the current situation in Europe and the world.

It wasn't only about the Moscow-Rome relations, but also the relations between the Russian Federation and the European Union.

"We stand for their further development, it is in the interest of Russia and the European Union's members." - the President said. The leaders shared their view on the Ukrainian crisis. Renzi stated his position and several proposals on the subject of the settlement of the Ukraine's situation.

"The Ukraine's situation remains difficult. But, at least, the fighting, people's killing, destruction of cities and towns have been stopped" – Putin said.

"We unanimously believe that the conflicting sides should strictly comply with the agreements reached on February 12 in Minsk," – Putin stated. – "I'm sure that it opens an opportunity for a comprehensive peace settlement and, of course, for establishing a dialogue between Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk."

According to Vladimir Putin, the role of all responsible members of the international community is increasing now, especially for those, who have significant impact on the Ukrainian Government.

"In this regard, we are relying on our Italian partners – both in it national status, but also as one of the general members of the EU." – he said.

According to Matteo Renzi, Italy is ready to share experience in decentralization with Ukraine. The decisive step had been taken in February in Minsk: the agreement had opened the way to settlement and building a solid constriction, which would allow this country to go forward.

"Italy is actively involved in the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) in Ukraine. And it is ready to provide all possible support inside the structures of the European Union, including our experience, if we talk about decentralization of Ukraine. We got a great experience with Trentino-Alto Adige. Properly, I hope that all of us will work on the earliest possible resolution of the Ukrainian crisis," – the Prime Minister said.

The problem of terroristic threat from the Middle East and North Africa and, in particular, sharp deterioration of the situation close to Italy, - in Libya, was discussed in details.

Russia stands for a peaceful solution of the Libyan crisis, and supports the United Nations mediation efforts. Matteo Renzi considers that both countries should intensify their efforts in the fight against terrorism and extremism. The role of Russia in the UN Security Council and its special ties with Egypt are very important in this question.

"All these can be contributed in stability," – Renzi said. – "We have to rebuff to those who attempts on basic values of the civilized world and the Russia's role is very important in this matter."

The topic of the trade and economic cooperation was touched as well. The Moscow-Rome's relations have many opportunities for development.

"Italy is still one of the TOP trading partners of Russia, despite the 10% decreasing of commodity turnover between our countries," – Putin stated.

The Italian investments in the Russian economy are more than $1,1 billion; and the Russian investments in the Italian economy are more than $2,3 billion. Putin has announced that the Russian Direct Investment Fund jointly with the Italian partners will create an investment fund of one billion dollars.

"The Russia-Italy cooperation is actively developing, in spite of the complicated international situation – I mean, the EU-Russia's mutual sanctions," – Renzi said.

The energetics is among the advanced cooperation areas. The Italian company Enel invested significant funds in the Russian electropower projects. Rosneft and Lukoil posses the assets of the Italian refineries.

"It's important that we improve the traditional scheme "sellers-buyers", because Italy is one of the largest foreign consumers of Russian gas," – Putin said.

Also Russia and Italy already have great prospects for cooperation in the fields of high-technological branches, such as aircraft industry, space industry, nuclear technology. The company Sukhoi and Italian partners promote Sukhoi SuperJet 100 in the international market. The order book – 150 aircrafts. Another perspective project is a production of "Agusta" helicopters on a Moscow region's plant.

"We are paying attention to make an experimental fusion reactor, development of civil rocket vehicles and satellite systems," – Putin said.

Also Putin reminded that about 900 thousand Russians visited Italy last year. They spent about one billion dollars in Italy.

"The Russia's role may be very significant in resolving of the world food crisis," – Renzi said.

The Prime Minister of Italy expressed gratitude for the support of Milan as a venue of the International exhibition EXPO. He reminded that theme of the event is food and added that Russia's day is held on June, 10.

The food theme is very important and our countries have all preconditions for development of successful cooperation in it. This issue has been bringing us together for recent years," – Renzi said.

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