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Alexander Saveliev

Chief Executive Officer / Co-owner

Graduate of State University – High Economy School of 2004 year, Faculty of practical political science, postgraduate.

Coming to IMC «Moscow» in 2003 year in position of trainee, the following year he have headed the largest department, and one more year later he became the Executive Director. He is the head of more than 80 projects in the sphere of setting up of marketing systems and promotion of production on the markets of Russia’s regions. He designed and implicated quality management system in the company in accordance to ISO 9001:2008.

Alexander is the participant and spokesman of more than 60 forums and conferences on the interregional and international development and the problems of small business.

In 2010 year aiming to make company services closer to foreign Customers and get rid of the restrictions of working with state structures, he founded IMC «Expert Management».

Ekaterina Ustinova

Senior Counselor

Graduate of Capital Humanities Institute, Faculty of state service and management, specialization «financial planning», English language - fluent.

For over 3 years she has worked in Spain in the sphere of development of cooperation with Russia. In 2005, after expiry of the contract she returned to Russian Federation and headed in IMC «Moscow» the work of searching and selecting of business partners and conducting of business missions from abroad. Experience, received in Spain allowed understanding the needs and mentality of foreign businessmen and building up a well-working unit – Development of International Cooperation Department. Active participation in forums, conferences and other official events allowed setting up contacts with many foreign representatives. Number and quality of the projects have been growing every year, the department itself has also been enlarging and as a result the decision was made to segregate the department out of IMC «Moscow» in to separate company – IMC «Expert Management».

In the asset of the company there are more than 200 projects of searching and selecting business partners, organization of events for foreign companies, business missions of Russian companies abroad.

Ekaterina is the participant of many forums, conferences, seminars with reports of rules for foreign companies entering Russian market, methods of promotion, schemes of cooperation with Russian partners, brand positioning, etc.

Alexander Tokarev

Deputy General Director of Sales

Graduate of Moscow Aviation Institute, specialization “Helicopter construction”.

Started his career in 2000 as a software engineer in OJSC “Moskvich”. also worked as an engineer in OJSC “Moscow Helicopter Plant of M.L.Mil”. In 2002 came to work as an engineer-consultant in a body of small and medium business support in Moscow – CJSC “Interregional Center of Industrial Subcontracting and Partnership”, where Alexander had been working till 2012 passing all steps of career development up to the leadership of the company.

In the period 2004-2012 as an Executive director of NP “National Partnership for Subcontracting development” established a network of subcontracting centers in Russian regions and foreign countries. Organized and implemented more than 35 interregional cooperation forums and conferences.

Alexander possesses the skills of engineering graphics, project management, development and introduction of quality management system.

Alexander is a participant and speaker at more than 40 forums and conferences on issues of interregional,international cooperation and support of small and medium entrepreneurship.

Goes in for hunting, fishing and outdoor activities.

Olga Savinkova

Project manager

Graduate of Oryol State Technical University, specialization «marketing».

In IMC she worked from 2007 year. Her readiness to take responsibility of difficult decisions and will to move forward are the merits that allowed her to constantly achieved successful results on any project of IMC.

Olga at once got the attention by her will of self-realization and the absence of fear of difficulties. Bit-by bit the new ambitious employee started to get engaged in most significant projects.

Today she has large experience of more than 40 completed projects. Her creative and balanced approach even to most complicated situations has earned the trust of foreign partners.

Her specializations in IMC «Expert Management» are general coordination of searching and selecting of business partners, organization of business mission to Russia and setting up a sales network in Moscow.

Elena Volnushkina

Head of Administrative Department

Vladimir Leonov

General technical specialist

Graduated from the Smolensk branch of Moscow Energetic Institute in 1989 year, with specialization «Electric machines».

In his life he managed to announce himself in many spheres, from energy to education, including his work as a school teacher of computer studies. From the moment of graduating from the institute and till the start of his work in IMC «Moscow» he was constantly keen on all new devices and achievements in the sphere а computers, due to what he had been constantly growing as a technical specialist. He started his work in IMC «Moscow» as a system administrator of the Design-studio, quickly proved, that his knowledge and experience has wider spheres of use.

At present moment, working in IMC «Expert Management» Vladimir handles full control over the technical side of company activity, starting from supervision of corporate and telecommunication networks and accounting all equipment, possessed or needed, finishing with maintaining of servers work.

Goes in for reading and music.

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